8 May 2011


This is my new blogg site. It's all pretty new and exciting to me but I've been playing with it all week and hopefully I'll be able to do some good stuff on here now and the good thing is that it's all advert free so there shouldn't be any annoying pop-ups or diversions to ruin your visit. This will be a very personal site but hopefully it'll be both interesting and maybe useful to other comic maker's and readers alike. It's also a good excuse to share anything silly or amazing or just plain wierd that I've come across on my net travels as well as linking to sites you may enjoy hearing about too.

Mostly though this site will be about ART!! cos that's what turns me on any day of the week (apart from the obvious), but I'll probably include films and books occasionally too if I really really feel the urge, as anything that stimulates my imagination and inspires me to do something might just work for you too!

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